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Imagine discovering

the wisdom of new perspectives

the inspiration of expanded horizons

and the

calm confidence of

understanding yourself

and knowing your path.



It was the 70's and my school homecoming theme was Age of Aquarius. Intrigued, I attended a talk by Linda Goodman whose best seller, Sun Signs, brought astrology from the shadows into mainstream culture.


Her descriptions of Pisces (my Sun) and Leo (my boyfriend) fit, but I was still skeptical. Was there anything to this? I decided to find out by researching and using astrology with the promise that if at any time it fell short, I would have my answer and move on.

But that never happened. The more I studied and used astrology, the more impressed I was by the results. Flash forward a few decades and here I am, practicing astrology professionally, and can honestly say it has never once failed me personally or professionally.

I'm passionate about sharing what I've learned and the powerful

ways astrology can enrich your life and relationships.

I'm also a psychotherapist with an M.A. from the University of Chicago in counseling and research design. I bring therapy skills and experience to my astrology practice, taking a down to earth, collaborative approach to a unique blend of astrology, psychology, mindfulness and life-based spirituality.

   Areas we'll explore include:

          *  personality traits

          *  emotional patterns 

          *  strengths and challenges

          *  relationships

          *  career

          *  life direction and purpose

          *  cycles of change and growth 


I also offer specialized charts for couples and children.

I'm often asked if I believe in astrology. I don't. It's not a set of beliefs or matter of faith. It's a practical tool for self-awareness, a reliable, many faceted resource that will inspire your own innate insight, wisdom and actionable guidance.

I trust it based on decades of personal and professional experience. I share it with an equal balance of mind and heart. I use it because it works.

If you have questions or want to talk over how astrology can work for you, let's schedule an introductory phone consultation at no cost. I look forward to hearing from you!



Birth Chart Analysis

Adults and children

$125 — 90 minutes

Relationship Reading

Two charts and interpretation

$150 — 90 minutes

Follow-up Sessions

Individual astrological coaching

Couples coaching

$75 — 60 minutes

$110 — 90 minutes

Astrology Tutoring Sessions

Learn the basics of chart interpretation using your birth chart.

$90 — 75 minutes

Initial Phone Consultation

For more information or to discuss your concerns and goals

No Charge

15 - 30 minutes



To schedule a consultation


Call (no texts please):

(510) 350-8443

Office Location:

Montclair District

Oakland hills, 94611


France Kozlik, M.A.

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